The problem with some keyboards’ Arabic layout

4 سبتمبر

Guys what’s the devs’ problem with the Arabic layout!! I liked a lot of Keyboard and their features. However, I couldn’t survive their terrible layouts. Dear developers, please read this article about how Arabic layout should look like.

There are 2 layouts for Arabic keyboards; the first one is IBM or PC layout, and the second one is Mac layout.

IBM layout

Mac layout

because it comes with Windows, simply about all of Arabic users use IBM layout. and that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. One of the problems with the IBM layout is the (لا) key. It’s simply a combination of ل & ا and it’s not used at all (at least by me, my friends and my family) and the letter ذ which is found in the number row although it’s a normal, ordinarily used letter. Using the Macs layout will be easier for mobile since there are only 10 letters in each row compared to 11 in IBM layout. However, the Mac layout isn’t preferable for mobile because there are some extra characters which are inserted with the combination of Ctrl + The key like ء or ؤ while in IBM they’re found as a single key. These characters are used a lot, maybe even more than some letters like ظ or ض. On mobile keyboards that use the Mac layout, user must long-press the key to insert one of these letters, which isn’t practical since they’re used a lot. A user who usually do his work, surf the net and do other stuff with a Windows computer will find it hard to use another layout on his mobile. That’s why I believe, for the two reasons I mentioned, every mobile keyboard should use the IBM layout (or at least let the user choose the layout he wants).

To summarise, The features of IBM layout:

  1. Used by almost everyone.
  2. has a key for extra characters which are widely used.

and the features of Mac layout:

  1. Has less characters in each row

Google and Samsung Keyboard IBM implementation

iPad's implementation of IBM

iPad’s implementation of IBM


Extended Arabic letters

There are 4 letters in the extended Arabic which are not found in the old Arabic (گ, چ, پ and ڤ). Some people use this letters to write foreign words with letters not available in the old Arabic (like Google for example). They’re also used in local dialects. For example, چ is used in Kuwaiti slang for some Kuwaiti words not found in Arabic and the same goes for گ for Iraqi slang. Thankfully keyboards developers didn’t forget to include these letters. The Only keyboards I didn’t find these letters in are Flesky and Samsung’s, and believe me, I tried A LOT of keyboards. (Thanks, devs for not forgetting that)

That Tashkeel marks

If any keyboard doesn’t include these. It’s just a failure. I didn’t miss these in any keyboard except Samsung’s, with Google’s being the best one to implement them because ALL the marks are available.

Google's Tashkeel marks is the best because EVERYTHING someone may want to use is there

Google’s Tashkeel implementation is the best because EVERY mark someone may want to use is there

؛ and ‘
These characters aren’t as important in Arabic as they’re in English. So there is no need to put them in the main keyboard, baka. (Only SwiftKey do that).

In few words, a perfect mobile Arabic keyboard must have:

  1. IBM layout, or the ability to let the user choose between IBM and MAC
  2. Extended Arabic letters
  3. All of the tashkeel marks
  4. Arabic punctuation marks (e.g: the comma (,) looks like this (،) in Arabic, and the semicolon (;) looks like this (؛).
  5. Arabic Numbers (The ones used in English language).

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25 أغسطس


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قطعة 13 حق الرميثية المغصوب

12 يوليو

اليوم يبت عدة دلائل تثبت أن قطعة 13 حق الرميثية

1-خرائط ميكروسوفت (بنغ) تعترف بالرميثية قطعة 13

مع العلم أن حتى خرائط نوكيا (هير) تعترف بقطعة 13

3-مطعم وردة الرميثية بالسالمية ؟ ، طبعًا اذا كان الموضوع تسمية حكومية عادي ، فمثلًا نادي القادسية بحولي أو نادي اليرموك بمشرف او مستشفى مبارك الكبير بجابرية فهذا شي عادي ، أما هذا المطعم فمو حكومي فشي غريب انك تشوفه بالسالمية ، لأان اهو أساسًا مو بالسالمية بالرميثية قطعة 13

4-مخطط الرميثية

5-صالح العجيري حتى عام 2009 لازال يعترف بقطعة 13 ، هذا الكتاب تلقونه بمكتبة العجيري بحولي مفتوحة 24 ساعة باليوم 7 ايام بالاسبوع

6-مجلة كويتي وأفتخر


7-جريدة القبس لا تزال تعترف بقطعة 13

8-صالح عاشور لا يزال يعترف بقطعة 13

إلا عنده بعد دلائل يا ريت يفيدنا..

شهاب بالرميثية !!

10 يوليو

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